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May 31, 2021

Please take time to reflect on the meaning of Memorial Day.  I shared this with you last week. Memorial Day is the day we honor the men and women who died while serving in our nation’s military.


On National Poppy Day, I enjoyed distributing poppies at Nags Head Outlet Mall with the units from Division 1.  


If you have a chance check out The Legion Magazine / June 2020 there are 2 articles that I found highly informative.  National Commander Bill Oxford’s article on page 8 “Women Veterans Deserve Better”. On page 40 the Article “The Man who would not give up on Flag Day” Don’t forget Flag Day June 14.



Hotel booking for Department Convention June 10-12 at the North Raleigh Hilton: Room rate is $107 plus Taxes.   Phone number for the North Raleigh Hilton:  919-872-2323


Legion College is July 9-10 at the North Raleigh Hilton.  Registration for the Auxiliary is Free this year.  To Register simply send us an email to and lets us know you plan to attend.  Tell us your name and unit number.  Meetings will start at 8:00 am on Friday July 9th with a joint secession with the Legion. The room rate is $107 plus tax make your reservation at   Phone number for the North Raleigh Hilton:  919-872-2323


President Project Chairman is asking you to bring items to sell at the President’s Project table at Convention.   If you love jewelry check out her Origami Owl Facebook page at Emilee donates all profits from sales to the President’s Project for PTSD


“No Bake Fundraiser.” For President’s Project. It is simple and easy just send a check what it would cost you to bake a cake, cookies or any yummy dessert to the Department HQ and mark you check for the President’s Project.


The 82nd THGS is June 14-18


National Convention August 27-September 2 in Phoenix AZ


Reminders/ News from National

Registration for the ALA Junior Jamboree is now open!! Help your juniors sign up for this fun virtual program happening on June 13th at 7pm.


National has a new home for Girls Nation and will be hosting our program in person.

this year at the William Bolger Center in Maryland!! Here is their website so you can.

see some pictures:


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