2018 - 2019 Department Officers

Betty Moore
Julie Smith
Vice President
Joanie Hicks
Katie Pfeil
Division 1 President
Katie Pfeil
Division 1 President
Jane Hoppenworth
Division 2 President
Jane Hoppenworth
Division 2 President
Mary Bartlett
Division 3 President
Elaine Jones
Amanda Pearson
Asst. Sgt-at-Arms
Susan Campbell
Julia Budjan

District Presidents

Division 1
District 1          Becky Wilder
District 2          Karen Ennis
District 3          Sarah Wallack
District 4          Beverly Lock
District 5          Pamela Schall
Division 2
District 6          Carolyn Donnelly
District 7          Karen Butler
District 8          Open
District 9          Lynn Coughenour
District 10        Juli Zajc
Division 3
District 11        Annie Ross
District 12        Jenny Dowdy
District 13        Tammy Snider
District 14        Mary Wright
District 15        Susan Jones

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